History of the Longview - Greggton Rotary Rodeo, Inc.
The rodeo began as a cooperative effort between a local radio station, KYKX 105.7 and Andrews Rodeo Company. In 1997 the radio station was sold to a new investment group and could no longer produce the rodeo. Sammy Andrews approached the Greggton Rotary Club to take over the production of the rodeo.  

The Greggton Rotary Club has more than 100 members. The Rodeo is the largest fund raiser during the year. More than 14 organizations apply to Rotary for donations. Over $40,000 is donated each year to those qualifying organizations. In total, The Rotary Club has donated more than $800,000 since they took over the production of the rodeo. For a complete list of those organizations benefiting from the rodeo Click Here.

Andrews Rodeo Company, from Addielou, TX continues to
be the Stock Contractor of choice for the rodeo and helps the
Rotary Club produce one of the best PRCA Rodeos in the
East Texas area. Andrews Rodeo Company won the Stock
Contractor of the Year award  from the PRCA in 2002 and
has been nominated for the award several more times since.
He is also a 2008 Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame inductee.

Mission Statement

Longview - Greggton Rotary Rodeo Inc. is a volunteer supported, 501(c)(3) non-profit community organization that preserves and promotes western heritage and values. The Greggton Rotary Club (the founders of Longview Rodeo, Inc.) contributes to the quality of life in the City of Longview, Gregg County and throughout the East Texas area. This is done through a first class two day Rodeo, year round fund raising events, and various community and youth oriented programs.  Longview Rodeo Inc. is true and committed to its mission of supporting Youth and Community. All revenue generated is reinvested into our various programs, scholarships and facilities.

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